5 Years From Now

Right now, you have a million dollar idea in your head. You probably have two or three of them. Have you ever stopped to consider that there are thousands of people just like you who will bring their million dollar ideas to life in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, a currently unknown musician will win a Grammy. In 5 years, a currently unknown actor will win an Oscar. In 5 years, a currently unknown chef will get her own TV show. In 5 years, a currently unknown entrepreneur will be offered a billion dollars to sell his company. In 5 years, a currently unknown technology will change our lives. We could go on and on.

Every world changing idea existed in someone’s mind before it ever became a reality. So the big question is: why can’t that idea come from you?

Envision a future when your idea has already become a reality. Tell yourself you’re going to do it, big or small. Fixate on it. Obsess about it. Imagine it happening. Make yourself act upon it.

Never in history has so much possibility been so attainable. Never before have people achieved their wildest dreams so quickly. Ideas can become viral almost overnight. Including yours.

Five years from now, things will exist that are now only thoughts. Will your thought be one of them? It won’t if you keep it shackled inside your head.