The World Needs Naysayers

Just tell me it can’t be done. I want you to. Just tell me I’m too short. Too dumb. Not talented enough. Just tell me there’s not enough money. There’s not enough time. There’s not enough people who care. I dare you. Tell me my idea stinks. It’s a waste of time. Others have tried it and failed. Tell me it’s too weird. Too niche. Too small. Too big. Tell me it’s unproven. And impassable. And futile. I want to hear it. Call me foolish. Call me a dreamer. A fool. Got my head in the clouds. Please. Say no. Laugh. Roll your eyes. The more I hear that it’s hopeless and ridiculous and not worth it, the harder I will try to prove you wrong. Every no. Every snicker. Every scoff. Every head shake fuels me. Your naysaying is my carbohydrate. It’s coal in my furnace. Propane for my flame. I need it. My dream will pull me forward and you will unknowingly push me from behind. So keep it up. The dreamers and doers desperately need you. You are our lifeblood. We can’t change the world without you.

Long live you naysayers. You help us make the world turn. When we make it, you’ll applaud us. And you’ll probably deny that you every told us it couldn’t be done. Whatever. We didn’t do it for you. We did it because we believed in ourselves. We believed it was possible. And we were willing to do whatever it took.

Thank you, naysayers. We don’t like you, we love you.


[Revised 11 Aug 2014]